• El Badi Palace

    El Badii Palace, Ksibat Nhass, Marrakesh, Morocco .

    El Badi Palace Marrakech
    EL Badi Palace in Marrakech is a stunning example of Moroccan architecture and culture. Built in the 16th century, this palace is a testament to the grandeur of the Saadian Dynasty and the beauty of Moroccan art and design. This essay will explore the history of the Badi Palace, its unique architecture, and its importance to the city of Marrakech.

    History of the Badi Palace
    EL Badi Palace was built in 1578 by Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur, the ruler of the Saadian Dynasty. The palace was built as a symbol of the Sultan’s power and wealth, and it was meant to be a grand display of his wealth and influence. The palace was built with a combination of traditional Moroccan and European styles, and it was decorated with intricate mosaics, marble columns, and ornate carvings. The palace was also home to the Sultan’s harem, which included over 500 women.

  • Saadian Tombs

    Saadian Tombs, Rue de La Kasbah, Marrakesh, Morocco .

    Saadian Tombs Marrakech
    The Saadian Tombs in Marrakech, Morocco are a stunning example of the country’s rich history and culture. Built in the 16th century, the tombs are a testament to the power and grandeur of the Saadian dynasty. The tombs are a popular tourist destination, offering visitors a glimpse into the past and a chance to explore the intricate architecture and design of the site. In this essay, I will discuss the history of the Saadian Tombs, its unique architecture, and its importance as a cultural landmark.

    History of the Saadian Tombs
    The Saadian Tombs were built in the 16th century by Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur, the third ruler of the Saadian dynasty. The tombs were constructed to honor the sultan’s ancestors and were designed to be a grandiose display of his power and wealth. The tombs are located in the Kasbah Mosque, which was built in 1557 and is one of the oldest mosques in Morocco. The tombs are composed of two main sections, each containing several chambers and decorated with intricate stucco carvings and colorful tiles.

  • Cyber Park, Marrakech

    Cyber Park, Boulevard mohamed V, Marrakesh, Marrakech Safi, Morocco .

    Cyber Park, Marrakech

    One great thing about Marrakech is that it is a successful mixture of the ancient and the modern and uses today’s technology in an innovative way. This is borne out in the amazing Cyber Park.

    The park is spread out over 8 acres and if you decide to take a picnic there, don’t be surprised to see people happily tapping away on their laptops, as there is access to Wi-Fi throughout the park.

    If you fancy sending an email to your friends and don’t have a laptop, you will find computer stations at convenient points around the park. There is also an interactive map and educational information available to everyone. You can also visit the small but interesting Museum of Telecommunications managed by Morocco Telecom.

    The park was created in the 18th century by Prince Moulay Abdeslam as his personnel orchard producing dates, olives and other fruit. During the French Protectorate the park was enlarged and beautified with rose bushes, emerald green lawns, conifers and palms. They also installed four basins and fountains.

    It was abandoned in the mid twentieth century until it was taken in hand by the Mohammed VI Foundation and reopened in 2005. There are plenty of benches were you can relax in the shade and enjoy this splendid park, or you can visit it in one of the horse drawn carriages that are for hire.